Wisdom from you and me

The Welong Business School was officially established in January 2015, aiming to provide efficient services and satisfactory products to customers, and provide a platform for employees to continue learning and growth. Since its opening on May 8, 2015, the Business School has held one course or event per month, which not only effectively meets the needs of young employees but also increases the company's soft power. The training content of business schools is diverse and humanized, covering areas such as profession, management, legal system, etiquette, yoga, Tai Chi, etc.

The various activities of the business school not only enrich employees' leisure life, but also enhance their stability, create a positive atmosphere, truly reflecting the purpose of the business school: to inherit corporate culture, fulfill the company's mission, and adhere to the company's vision.

Academy Training

Good Learning, Diligent Practice

Advancing Virtue and Cultivation


Inherit company culture

fulfill company mission

and uphold company vision


Committed to cultivating the company as an outstanding talent that is conducive to company development, employee growth, and social progress.