Product Definition
Functional polyester color yarn is based on ordinary polyester color yarn, added certain functional substances, giving it some special functions, such as flame retardant, antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet and so on.
Product Features
The product characteristics of functional polyester color yarn are stable structure, high strength, light and soft, and have certain flame retardant polyester color yarn can effectively give textile fire protection.
Product Uses
Functional polyester colored yarn is suitable for textile production in various fields, such as outdoor clothing, branded clothing, canvas, backpacks, and other textiles, especially for use in areas such as human contact or high-temperature contact.
Trends In Development
In the future, the research and development and production of functional polyester color yarn will continue to innovate to meet people's needs and requirements for special functional textiles.
Further screening
FDY- sweat releasing
50D-600D | 24F-576F
50D-600D | 24F-576F
FDY-UV resistance
50D-600D | 24F-576F
50D-600D | 24F-576F
FDY-Quick drying
50D-600D | 24F-576F
FDY-Flame retardant
50D-600D | 24F-576F
FDY-Anti mite
50D-600D | 24F-576F
FDY-Cooling sensation
50D-600D | 24F-576F
FDY-UV resistance+drying sensation
50D-600D | 24F-576F
FDY-Hydrophilic+antibacterial+air drying sensation
FDY-Antibacterial+anti mite+negative ion
50D-600D | 24F-576F
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