Product Definition
Biodegradable polyester color filaments have similar properties to conventional polyester color yarns, but their molecules can be broken down by microbial action and eventually converted into carbon water compounds and water.
Product Features
Biodegradable polyester color yarn is a sustainable and environmentally friendly textile raw material, its main characteristics include degradable, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Product Uses
Due to its good environmental performance and physical properties, biodegradable polyester color yarn can be used to make disposable masks, gloves, exhibits, clothing, tarps, packaging films and so on.
Trends In Development
Biodegradable polyester color yarn will become a general direction in the field of textile materials in the future. Driven by policy and management, market demand will gradually increase.
Further screening
DTY-Fake linen
50D-600D | 24F-576F
DTY-Ultra Soft
50D-600D | 24F-576F
50D-600D | 24F-576F
DTY-Low elastic filament
50D-600D | 24F-576F
FDY-Great Light
50D-600D | 24F-576F
FDY-Semi extinction
50D-600D | 24F-576F
FDY-Total extinction
50D-600D | 24F-576F
50D-600D | 24F-576F
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